As you all have noticed there have been a few changes at the gym. While we have some coaches leaving us for new ventures, we are very excited to have new faces on our coaching team.  We wish all our exiting coaches well as they start a new chapter in their lives and are so grateful for their contributions to the gym.

There have also been changes in the workouts. We have more Olympic lifting showing up before and during the workouts. The workouts will cycle through gymnastic/body weight, metabolic conditioning (cardio), and weighted. While a muscle group might be repeated two days in a row it will be a different modality and/or a different intensity. Recovery days are essential for this type of training. Proper scaling is also important. Stay true to the movement and the intensity level.

Why more Olympic lifting? Training the Snatch and Clean and Jerk help develop speed, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and power. The lifts before the workouts will be based on the Conjugate Method. Limited sets of singles or fewer reps to build strength and segmented/modified positions to work on technique but not take too much from the workout. This also allows for work on both lifts during the week.

As for the Powerlifts like Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift those will often appear in waves for strength building and accessory work . The current cycle is from Wendler 5/3/1. It repeatedly runs in 4 week cycles with a deload week. The idea being to slowly increase your percentages.

Lifts and workouts will use 4, 6, 8, and 12 week cycles. We are currently working on Snatch and Clean and Jerk in 4 week cycles. Everything revolves around the Open and just getting better and stronger. Go by feel with the lifting. It may say 90% but make sure you feel 90%. The lifts should be strong and successful. Build strength with good technique.

Thursdays will remain a makeup/mobility/off day. However, a light workout or lift will be programmed for those not wishing to use that as an off day.

We hope you enjoy the new programming. We want to challenge you to push harder and get stronger. Be successful, push your boundaries, work your weaknesses but most importantly have fun.

Memorial Day “Murph”

Mark your calendar for Memorial Day “Murph” with us.

“Murph” is what we call a “hero wod”.  It’s a memorial workout in memory of a CrossFitter who perished serving our country.  A time to remember them, work hard to honor them and celebrate their memory.

“Murph” is:

– 1 mile run

– 100 pull ups

– 200 push ups

– 300 squats

-1 mile run

All while wearing a weighted vest or flack jacket if you have one available.

Don’t worry, we can scale the workout to a level that will be challenging but doable for you.

We are open to the public and we will be happy to scale the workout for you, no matter what your level of fitness.

We will begin the workout at about 10 am and have a potluck and party immediately following the workout or at about noon on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th.  Please arrive early.  If you’ve never visited us before, please be extra early to fill out a waiver and get oriented.

BYO drinks, chair and a dish to share.

Bring your friends and families and be ready to have some fun and make some new friends.

Email Shannon[at]fit901[dot]com with any questions and reserve your place using the schedule and sign up button on our menu.

Hope to see you and your friends there!

Download and print our waiver here to bring it with you and speed up check in!

Hot Shot Memorial Workout Saturday 31 AUG!

Hey everyone,

This Saturday, August 31st, we’ll be doing the HotShot 19 Memorial fund raiser Workout.

This will be a free workout open to the public for a suggested donation of at least $20.  All of the money raised will go directly to the families of the 19 fallen firefighters.

Please book your spot no less than 1.5 hours before the workout begins at  You can either pay at the door or you can securely donate your money at

Bring friends and a big bottle of water!

See you there!

CrossFit Games 2013 at CrossFit 901 Midtown Memphis!

Come participate in the CrossFit Games 2013 Open with us here at CrossFit 901 in Midtown Memphis!

CrossFit 901 is an Official CrossFit Games Affiliate!  We’ll be hosting and judging the games at our box.  Come workout and be officially judged at our box!

If you’d like to participate in The Open WOD and or have your Open WOD officially judged by us at our facility, just pay the drop in rate and sign up for the WOD (on Saturdays during the Open) or make special arrangements.  Pay the drop in rate and sign up for the wod at  To drop in and be judged or to make special arrangements for judging, email us at Staff[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!  Good luck!

Obstacle Course Outing

Hey Guys & Gals,

Pass this on to your friends.  I don’t have everybody’s info.

Bryan, the 6am T&Th coach has arranged for us to go to the Obstacle Course this weekend, Sa 2/16/13.  The details are listed below.  We’ve also made a event.  Please RSVP on the facebook event, so we’ll know how many to expect.

There is a mandatory donation to Brothers In Arms for participating.  Your $20 donation will go directly to the soldiers & their families that have made unparalleled sacrifices for our freedom.

Hope to see ya there!


Details follow:

Meeting place: Burger King 740 U.S. 64, Marion, AR 72364
Date and Time: Sat, February 16 @ 9:30
Attire: Wear clothing that will A) be warm; it’s supposed to be cold and B) is not something you’d be upset about tearing on an obstacle. Bring an extra set of clothes to change into and a towel; warm showers are available. You probably should bring some gloves too.
We will meet at the above location and then convoy to the site at 3100 Angeletti Rd, Crawfordsville AR. (I’d have us meet there but GPS will take you a very long way.)
Waivers will be signed prior to event.
We will run it as many times as the group desires; I can’t imagine more than twice though.
We request a minimum $20 donation be made to the following website:
Please pass this onto anyone else who may be interested in participating.
If you have any questions, please let me know Bryan[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.
Bryan Simpson

Pictures From the “Throw Down”

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming and being part of this fun competition, everyone did a great job and it was a lot of fun!  We’ll do it again soon.

I’m sure you’re all stiff and sore, so Derek is getting ready to plan a Mobility Workshop to help everyone with staying super functional, healthy and happy.  We’ll be keeping you posted on that.

Here are some pictures from the competition, I’ll try to add more soon.






















Events For Early 2013

Hey Guys,

Happy New Year!

We have a few things coming right up in the beginning of January:

CrossFit 901 Midtown Memphis Throw Down!

The 545 pm class has challenged the other classes to a Throw Down!  This will be Saturday January 5, 2013 at 900am.  The regular workout will take place as part of the Throw Down, then, those who want to continue can continue to see which class will win this fun-for-all competition.

The workouts are top secret and will be announced right before they begin.

If you’re interested in participating, email Derek[AT]Fit901[DOT]com

Best Shape Of My Life Nutritional Challenge 2013

This is a nutritional challenge that will reward you for staying on-task on your new paleo/zone lifestyle.  This challenge will help you form good habits for 2013.  By earning points, you’ll be forming good habits in a fun way.  These diet changes will help you transform your body composition, WOD results & overall health.

Should start in FEBRUARY!

Click here for the rules

Click here for links for info & recipes

Olympic Lifting Workshop

We’re putting out our feelers to find out who is interested in attending several workshops over the course of a month to work on improving your Olympic lifts.  The instructor is one of a few CrossFit Level 2 instructors in the world.  The cost will be about $40 total for each participant to attend all of the sessions.

If you’re interested in attending, email Clint[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.

Mobility Workshop

We’re getting ready to have a Mobility Workshop that will teach you how to increase mobility, decrease injury, speed recovery and help you stay in the game and performing at your best.

Come in and put your name on the board if you’re interested.  The date and time is still to be determined.  If you have questions or comments, email Derek[AT]Fit901[DOT]Com.

CrossFit Games 2013

Rule book for the CrossFit Games 2013 has come out.  Of course, we plan on hosting “The CrossFit Games Open” again this year.  This link will take you to the rules for 2013.  We’re getting ready, so familiarize yourselves with the rules.  We’ll be using these rules for our own competition activities at our gym too.

CrossFit Games 2013 Rule Book Link.

On Ramp for Those New To CrossFit


We have an on going On Ramp Class for those new to CrossFit.  If you or someone you know is interested in beginning CrossFit but you don’t know what you’re doing or you’ve never done CrossFit, or you’ve not done any exercise for a while, this class is for you.

Shannon teaches you how to do all the exercises we do in our normal CrossFit classes.  She also puts you through a workout in every session.  This instruction and workout is perfect for every level of fitness, from seasoned athlete to “I haven’t worked out in years”, it’s scaled just for you.

The On Ramp is 12 sessions MWF at 7am or TTh at 630pm, and/or SUN 2-4pm.  Once you’ve attended all 12 sessions, you’re ready to join in the regular CrossFit Classes.  After you’re through all 12 sessions, you get a 2 week unlimited membership to attend all the CrossFit Classes you want.  It’s the perfect introduction to CrossFit!

Hurry up and sign up for the On Ramp!  For a limited time, we’ll ‘deeply discount’ your On Ramp Class. We’re talkin’ Half Price!  But you have to do it soon!  Email Rob to sign up now!

If you have questions about the On Ramp or its schedule, email Shannon[AT]Fit901[DOT]Com.

If you have payment questions email Rob[AT]Fit901[DOT]Com

Oh yeah, if you sign up a friend for CrossFit membership, YOU get a discount on YOUR membership!

2013 is set to be your best year yet!

Hope to see you a bunch this year!

All the best,