Upcoming Events

Here are a few upcoming events that you’re invited to.  Whether you’re one of our members or not, we want you and your friends here with us at our events.

You may also want to check out our FaceBook pages to see upcoming events.  Click here.


January 28 at 9am:  Our one year anniversary event/party.  We’ll have a CrossFit competition for scaled and Rx divisions, a CrossFit workout for everybody, new and experienced, special Krav Maga class and fitness KickBox class.  After all of that, we’re going to have a BYOB potluck.  Email Amanda [dot] Curry [at] Fit901 [dot] com for information.

February 18 at 2pm:  We’re hosting an Rx Smart Gear Jump Rope Clinic.  We have people coming from out of state to teach you the best way to learn and improve your double under and other jump rope techniques.  Hurry, space is limited!  Email Shannon [at] Fit901 [dot] com for info.

February into March:  As usual, we’ll be hosting and judging the CrossFit Open workouts and having a BYOB potluck party every Friday night during The Open.  Please register first and read our details page here.

Don’t forget to invite friends and family to all of our events!  Even if you’re just thinking about checking us out, these are great times to experience our community vibe and make new friends.

See ya there!