Where do I start? What is the On Ramp?
Posted by Administrator on 02 November 2015 06:49 am

The CrossFit 101 On Ramp Course is fun, safe and appropriate for people of all fitness levels and experience levels; from novice to seasoned expert.  Each participant will get the appropriate level of instruction and exertion.  There’s no need to “get in shape” before you come try it.  That’s what we’re here for!

The CrossFit 901 On Ramp Course is 11 instructional sessions, each followed by a workout.  We also touch on Nutrition for Performance – how to eat to get the results you want.  

Our CrossFit 901 On Ramp Course teaches you all of the fundamental CrossFit exercises that we do in our regular classes, as well as the Olympic Lifts (Snatch, Clean, Jerk) and then we establish your 1 Rep Maxes.  A 1 Rep Max is the most that you can safely lift, while maintaining good form one time.  We use those 1 rep maxes to determine how much weight you should lift during our regular workouts.  The entire CrossFit 901 On Ramp Course lasts about 4 weeks and per person costs are listed at

To sign up for the On Ramp Course, all participants must register at and sign up for the CrossFit 101 class.  You must sign up for any session and all classes no less than 90 minutes prior to class time and no later than 9pm the night before for the AM sessions.  If you find that you can’t attend a session, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible at  *All participants of our regular classes and Open Gym sessions MUST have completed an On Ramp or equivalent.  Some restrictions apply.

For questions regarding the On Ramp, email OnRamp AT Fit901 DOT com.  For membership & general questions, email Info AT Fit901 DOT com.  For help making your reservation, email Reservations AT Fit901 DOT com for assistance.