How do I sign up for a class?
Posted by Administrator on 02 November 2015 08:03 am

How do I sign up for a class? 

I'm having a problem or I can't sign up for a class.


To sign up for a class, just CLICK HERE and click on the class you're trying to attend.

Follow the steps.  I.e. create a profile or sign in with preexisting account.

For AM Classes:  Please make sure to sign up for AM classes no later than 9pm the night before class.

For PM Classes:  Please sign up for class no less than 90 minutes prior to class time.

Please cancel as soon as you discover you won't be attending a class for which you've already signed up.

Upon arrival to class:  Please sign in to class by putting a checkmark by your name in the computer.  Ask a coach for help, if you need to.

If you can't sign up for regular classes:  If you can't sign up for regular classes, it may be because you haven't completed our On Ramp training.  If you have, or if you have already completed an On Ramp or Fundamentals course elsewhere, email Reservations AT Fit901 DOT com to get approval to attend our regular classes.  Otherwise, you'll only be able to sign up for On Ramp classes.

Note:  All participants of our regular classes must have successfully completed our On Ramp class or equivalent.  For questions regarding that, email OnRamp AT Fit901 DOT com.

Problems?  If you're having problems signing up for a class, you can email Reservations AT Fit901 DOT com for assistance.