What should I wear and bring to class?
Posted by Administrator on 04 November 2015 09:21 am

What should I wear and bring to class?

All persons on the premises, inside and or outside, participating or not, must fill out and sign a liability waiver upon arrival for their first visit to be kept on file.  Minors must have their legal guardian file this for them.  No exceptions.

We work out in a big warehouse.  Whatever the weather is like outside, the wether will be similar inside. 

A big part of CrossFit, Fitness & Self Defense is being prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.  Many of our athletes (members) work in physical & outdoor jobs, from Military, Police & Firefighters to Mom & Dads, Housewives, Doctors, Lawyers and Teachers.  Many of these people don't get to opt out of work if it's an uncomfortable temperature or environment.  They just have to suck it up and continue.  Our training is concentrated on making all of our athletes ready for anything at any time, in any conditions.  We have chosen the environment that we train in in order to acclimate our bodies to our natural weather conditions.  This creates a person who is empowered by the current environment, not intimidated and neutralized by it. 

If it's freezing cold, it's gonna be pretty cold.  If it's hotter than Haiti, it's gonna be pretty freakin' warm.  Dress accordingly.

Every time: 

  • Be hygienically clean and fresh.  
  • Have a friendly, team oriented, fun loving attitude.  
  • Leave your ego outside locked in your car.  
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes that are good for running, jumping, lifting and bleeding.  

Summer & Warm Times: Wear cool, breathable workout clothes and shoes and bring a giant bottle of water.

Winter & Cold Times:  Wear layers that you can wear to keep warm and strip off as you warm up and put back on as you cool back down.

CrossFit, Lifting, Olympic & Fitness Classes & Open Gym:

  • Required Equipment
    • Water
    • Comfortable workout clothes suitable for running, jumping, climbing, lifting & possibly bleeding.
    • Comfortable shoes suitable for running, jumping, climbing, lifting & possibly bleeding.
  • Reccommended equipment
    • Oly Lifting Shoes
    • A Kick Ass Jumprope
    • Gymnast Grips
    • Rope climbing socks
    • Any CrossFit or Olympic gear you like to use
    • A post workout protein drink or snack, if you like
    • We sell Kill Cliff, Fit Aid & Other Items


Self Defense Classes:  

  • Same clothing mentioned above (but appropriate for modesty & close contact training with a partner)
  • For the beginner self defense classes, you can come try it out with just gym clothes & a bottle of water.
  • Minimal Equipment (after trial period):
    • Mouth Guard
    • Groin Protection
    • Water
  • Possibly required, especially for Intermediate and Advanced Classes (check with instructor prior to class):
    • Minmal Equipment (listed above)
    • Boxing Gloves
    • Shin Guards
    • Head Gear
    • MMA Gloves
    • Bag Gloves