Moving Update

Hey Guys,

As you’re all aware, we will be moving in a few days. I intended to let everyone know the new location several weeks ago, but each of the prospective locations fell through for various reasons from Lessors not being able to actually seal a deal to a place being rented out literally as our offer was made.

We have offers at a few more places in the hopper, all within a few miles of our current space. We hope to finalize one of them in the next couple of days.

The bottom line is that we must vacate our current space before April 1st.  So the last workout in our current space will be Tuesday evening, March 30th.

Our plan is to

  1. Have movers load the bulk of our belongings into a truck and store them while things get formalized.
  2. Keep just enough equipment in our current space to work out until the last minute.
  3. Load the very last items into the tractor trailer currently parked in the lot right before we have to vacate, keeping it handy so we can get it out and use it ASAP.

Hopefully, at the beginning of next week, we’ll have a preliminary agreement for a new space and can begin formalizing the actual lease.

Once the actual lease is agreed upon, signed and we’ve put down the money, we will then be granted access to the new space. We will most likely be closed for a short period while the new space is made available. We will announce the exact dates ASAP. Then we can move the last things we packed up at the last minute into the space and begin hosting limited workouts as contractors begin the buildout (wiring up electrical service, digging in the plumbing & building restrooms). In the space we hope to get, there is nothing at all; no plumbing, no restrooms, no electrical panel. Nothing, but it’s open with high enough ceilings and available, and it suits our needs well.

After construction is complete and we’re permitted to use and occupy the space, we’ll call the movers to move in the remainder of our belongings and we’ll schedule a grand opening, gym warming party.

My objective is to have the absolute least amount of down time possible and to at least unofficially workout as soon as possible, even though the space won’t be finished. We will try to plan some park workouts to help get us through. Be on the lookout for announcements on Group Me/IG/FB about meet ups while we wait. 

If you have anything at the gym that you don’t want lost or thrown away, please remove it before Tuesday evening.  If you’d like to help pack things up or help with the move, please email Rob at Fit 901 or get me on the GroupMe.

I’ll keep you all updated as things develop and let you know exactly where we land as soon as our deal is accepted. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience this will be causing. I’m working to make this as quick and painless as possible so we can get back to working out. Thank you all for your patience and loyalty over the past year of turmoil and while we find a new home. We will of course celebrate the new place with a *fun (long, terrible) workout and recover with popsicles and donuts. Stay tuned and thanks for hanging in there with us.