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Normally, classes are about an hour. Plan on up to an hour and a half.

Our normal business hours are listed far below.

COVID-19 Accommodations, rules & requirements:

If we’re operating during COVID-19 times, it’s open gym with at least the following COVID accommodations:
– If you’re unwell or potentially unwell, STAY HOME and isolate! Even if you’re just not 100%, stay home.
– Everyone MUST wash hands immediately upon entering the facility.
– We’re offering Open Gym, not Classes.
– No sharing of equipment.
– Everyone MUST maintain a distance of NO-LESS-THAN 6′ (2m) at all times.
– Mouth & nose coverings should be worn — properly; optional, but recommended.
– Everyone MUST clean everything they’ve touched immediately after their workout as they put it away: equipment, pull-up bars, rigs, rings, medballs, barbells, KBs, DBs, PVC, rower, Abmat, floor space, mini-whiteboards, markers, poker chips, etc. EVERYTHING! Use the clear spray, not the green spray. Leave the surface wet for one minute, then wipe it dry. The floor & door handles may be left wet with spray and allowed to air-dry.
– Wash your hands again when you finish your workout and clean up.

Staff will:
– Spray & wipe handles & surfaces after each class. Restrooms, door handles, fridge handles will all be sprayed.
– Remotes, stereo knobs, markers must be wiped with a clear sprayed wet rag or white disinfectant wipe after each class.

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Our NORMAL operating hours are listed below.

Monday – Thursday

530am, 900am, 430pm, 530pm, 7pm


530am, 900am, 430pm, 530pm


900 am

1000-1200 Open Gym


12-200 Open Gym


Discounts available for those who qualify.  Ask if you get one.

Limited time, limited availability.

Memberships are for unlimited group classes.12 MonthsMonth to Month
CrossFit$125 /mo$165/mo

CrossFit Drop Ins (MUST HAVE CrossFit experience*):  $20

*If you arrive at a CrossFit Class, other than CrossFit 101 / On Ramp, you are REQUIRED to have CrossFit experience.  If you sign up and do not have adequate experience, you MAY be turned away without any refund.  Questions?  Email Reservations [at] Fit901 [dot] com.

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