Getting Started

To get started in the CrossFit Program you must FIRST complete CrossFit 101 and the On Ramp Class.  At CrossFit at The Box, we not only want to make sure that you get the safest, most effective workout, but that you’re part of The Box Community before you start your first group class. Coached by a CrossFit 901 CrossFit trainer, and delivered in small group sessions, CrossFit 101 & On Ramp is designed to get you to your first class with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful.

You may attend CrossFit 101 for free.  That way, you can try it before you buy it!  If you like it, you can use a free 7 day trial membership to begin your On Ramp class.  If you decide to continue, you can get a membership and you can have your On Ramp course for free as your first month.  Just so you know, you can also use your 7 day free trial membership to try out all of the fitness KickBox classes, as well as any of our entry level Krav Maga classes.  We encourage you to use your 7 day membership for everything you can!

How can you sign up?  Wait, read more here on the On Ramp page first.

To schedule your On Ramp class after reading the On Ramp page visit this page or email: Reservations[AT]Fit901[DOT]com.

If you have CrossFit experience & are familiar with the items listed below, for a FREE Trial, click here.

What you’ll learn in the On Ramp sessions include, but aren’t limited to:

Squats: air squat, back squat, front squat, overhead squat
Pull-up and Kipping pull-up
Rowing with the Concept II rower
Short CrossFit workout so you can see what it’s like!
Sumo deadlift high pull
Presses: shoulder press, push press, push jerk
Medicine ball clean
Barbell clean
Ring row
Ring dip
Burgener warm-up
Clean & Jerk