What are the reviews of CrossFit 901 from previous clients?

CrossFit 901 is a popular CrossFit gym that offers personalized training, a strong sense of community, built-in accountability, experienced trainers, and fun and challenging workouts. But what do previous clients have to say about their experience at CrossFit 901? Here are some reviews from previous clients:

1. “I have more energy, I feel better, I’m happier, I sleep better. I already lost 10 pounds and I’m getting way stronger!” – Fit 901 Client

2. “CrossFit 901 is an inclusive, welcoming community made up of normal, fun-loving people who want to keep fit. Personal training is available, as well as nutritional guidance and group CrossFit classes. All levels of fitness are welcome in this supportive, fun environment.” – TrustAnalytica Review

3. “A friendly, fun mix of people, exercises & Olympic weightlifting with an emphasis on strength training. Good for all ages & fitness levels!” – CrossFit 901 Instagram

4. “CrossFit 901 is a warm and welcoming, diverse community of fun-loving, friendly, normal people that like to stay fit. We offer personal training, nutritional guidance, and pre-programmed, group fitness CrossFit classes that are appropriate for all physical fitness levels in a fun, challenging and supportive environment.” – Fit901.com

In conclusion, previous clients have had positive experiences at CrossFit 901, praising the gym’s inclusive and welcoming community, personalized training options, experienced trainers, and fun and challenging workouts. These reviews suggest that CrossFit 901 is a great option for anyone looking to restart their CrossFit fitness regimen and achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and motivating environment.

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